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  Culture ShiftLeadership Capacity
focusFocus>500 employees>50 leaders
measurementProprietary measurementQuarterly; precise samplesLong and thin; 360
replaceReplacese.g engagement surveyse.g. subjective 360
timeTime spent60 minutes per year60 minutes per quarter
signatureTailored signatures15-25 mindsets and behaviours, specific to your organisation, choice within parameters and pulled from Decipher's library. These are grouped into 5-7 energies, that best predict future business performance. Provides unequivocal clarity on how 'we/I need to behave and look at the world in order for the business to thrive'
clientClient specific algorithms Our analytical models predict outcomes. The models are trained on behaviour, action and contextual datasets from each client; as well as our global database. A virtuous cycle of 'measurement, action, learning' results in your business having a living analytical model of your workforce
AIDeep learning AI engineThis is our proprietary analytical platform which acts as a shared utility for our clients. Here your business specific algorithms are trained and integrated with our global databases and insights.
actionsData driven actionsPredictive data is fed into our proprietary action framework, which ensures that analytical insights are converted into bottom-line performance. This framework is based on the latest thinking coming out of fields like behavioral economics, nudging and adult learning.
peopleIntegrated in people processes Change is most effectively driven from inside your business. The sqn way builds a smart data capability into your core processes - including deployment decisions, development investments and performance reviews.
resultsProven resultsWe are a leader in the emerging field of smart human capital management. We can point to a number of client solutions with substantial impact on behaviours, performance and employee experiences.
employeesEmployees embracePeople seek a different experience at work, and sqn enables our clients to meet that need. We have a tested approach for introducing our way to clients, that rapidly results in tangible on-the-ground changes, redefines the employee experience and creates change momentum.

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