we help you answer these three questions:

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the process.

get the facts
One day on the ground for a few targeted interview and focus groups. A ‘smart’ 20-minute survey, that feels like an interview, with precise samples of employees and leaders
interpret the facts
All data is run through Decipher, our deep learning AI engine, and is compared with our global client database.

report back the findings
Interactive, no nonsense and highly engaging feedback session designed to inform executive decision-making and align and energise your people around change.


why is this different from anything you’ve seen before?

  • Minimal effort.

A rapid, and rigorous process: two weeks end-to-end.

  • Performance and outcome focused.

Clear answers; immediately relevant for executive decision-making: ‘Do we have a material upside from managing people better?’; ‘How ready are we to capture it?’; ‘What do we need to do?’.

  • Tailored to your business’ needs.

Non-generic framework.

  • Action oriented.

A next generation approach to managing people – embedded in day-to-day operations.


Banking CEO, Europe
‘SQN’s data driven approach to people management was central to our out-performance
Banking CEO, Europe

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