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You lead a business that needs to deliver deep change and significant earnings growth, fast.



You want to access the performance potential currently trapped in your culture and leaders.



You seek a data driven and tested solution that cultivates growth in your people, and materially adds to the bottom-line.



You require a robust confirmation of the performance potential trapped in your people before committing to action.


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We work with the latest psychology, advanced measurement, and smart action.
Our approach is intensely human, practical and unashamedly outcome focused.
Our analytics embraces artificial intelligence, is cloud-based and proven.


sqnactivates potentiallifts performancechanges career trajectoriesis differentembraces modern talent managementbrings growthcreates joyenables meaning makingbrings challengebrings opportunitiesis practicalbrings you tailored culture and leadership changeembraces modern analytics to bring you practical insightshelps you drive smart, tailored actions's approach is objective and light-touchis embedded in your day-to-day operationsempowers your people to own their development

we uniquely combine the hard and the soft

proven results
sqn’s approach has been road tested on clients in Europe, Australia and South Africa. Clients have seen twenty plus percent performance improvements. Our two week Rapid Assessment pinpoints your peoples’ performance potential before you commit to action.
deep learning AI
We deploy objective measurement of behaviours and mindsets, overlaid with contextual data sources. Our client specific algorithms are trained to connect the dots between behaviours, actions and outcomes.
smart actions
Predictive people data improves the quality of your people decisions, and the effectiveness of interventions and programme management.
operating system
A smart data capability is integrated into your people processes. This creates a virtuous cycle of ‘action, impact tracking and better action’. Better micro decision making leads to the continuous improvement of leadership and culture.
change lives
We create an incubator for professional growth using latest adult learning approaches. This enables individuals and teams to find meaning and flow, and to activate their potential. Careers change trajectory.
uncanny insights
Teams and business units receive deep and actionable insights into what blocks and enables culture. Individuals get a practical, online dashboard that enables them to focus on what matters for their success and performance.
This is a transparent and inclusive process providing people with a ‘voice’ and a tangible role in change. Meritocracy becomes the norm and sources of ‘energy leakage’ are identified and removed.
easy and modern
sqn’s approach requires less time, and provides better output. Simple, self managed online ‘interviews’ and ‘coaching’, that replace current engagement surveys, 360s, etc.


value to your business.

Step-change your performance. Sinequanon activates the potential dormant in people by using smart data for people decisions and interventions, systematically closing the gap to ‘where we need to be’; and integrating a simple three-step approach in your people processes.

Sinequanon’s approach is powered by Decipher our cloud based behaviour measurement and analytics platform. Decipher runs in the background on a cycle that is synchronised with your performance management calendar; and builds specific algorithms for your business that connect the dots between behaviours, actions and outcomes.

Clients have seen profit improvements of 20% or more in the first 18 months of working with us.


value to employees.

Step-change your peoples’ professional growth. People increasingly seek meaning, transparency and openness at work. This tends to be unmet. Sinequanon rapidly changes your leadership and culture; shifting your business to a place where people thrive and careers change trajectory.

Sources of energy leakage are removed. Feedback and continuous development are normal, and career decisions feel fair. People are clear about their strengths and challenges, and are responsible for their growth.

The impact on engagement, connectivity and experience is profound.

our products.

The Sinequanon way was developed by a global team of behavioural psychologists, data scientists and experts on adaptive systems. It rapidly shifts behaviours and mindsets; significantly improves peoples’ work and life experiences; and quantifiably increases business profitability. The sqn way is powered by Decipher – our cloud based behaviour measurement and analytics platform.

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If you seek a tested solution that cultivates growth for your people, while adding
20% plus to your company’s bottom line, then we should talk.